Chinese body therapy (massotheraphy) is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back to 2,500 DB. Medicine, "Qi" (energy) is the essence of life. When Qi flows freely in a person's body the person is in good health. Massotherapy has long been a method for curing diseases, being practiced and developed by the Chinese in their struggle against diseases. As massotherapy is simple and easy to manage and having specific effects on some common diseases and multiple diseases, it has always been very popular worldwide. At SamSun Bodywork, our Chinese bodywork therapists use hand techniques to manipulate the various acupressure points and meridian lines throughout the patient's body in order to stimulate and balance Qi and at the same time to release blocked energy.

By application of the massotherapy, the general physical condition can be improved and the physical resistance against diseases strengthened, thus mobilizing all the disease-resistant powers within the body to achieve the goals of preventing and curing diseases. Having Chinese bodywork therapy treatments on a regular basis can help to improve your immune system and keep you in top form. We also work to relieve numerous symptoms, which include stress, insomnia, poor digestion, menstrual discomfort, and muscle pains due to sports injury or car accident.