At American Good Credit we provide the best results in the credit restoration business.

If you are having trouble with credit, we may be able to help. We are specialists in credit restoration. By means of the good work of American Good Credit, you can regain credit worthiness and restore the purchasing power and respect you deserve.

Who We Are

We are American Good Credit, a New York City–based credit restoration company. We are former bankers and stockbrokers with years of experience correcting credit reports and developing strategies to enrich the lives of our clients.

What We Do

American Good Credit is a consulting firm specializing in credit restoration.

Our only service is credit restoration. We obtain your files from the big three credit reporting companies. Any file that contains inaccurate or negative information is marked, and then we ensure it is removed.

Good credit is very important to your daily life and restores your personal and financial freedom.

We do not sell a product, we are a credit restoration service. We will do all the work and guarantee our work.

Using our service for credit restoration will save you many headaches and dollars in the future!

Your credit rating/score is checked and is very important when you apply for a mortgage, wish to buy real estate, apply for a car loan or if you are securing financing for any other major purchase. While many people believe that having credit cards improves your score, it does not mean you have a good rating — only that you have existing accounts.

Have you had a bankruptcy? We will restore your credit so that this past event does not haunt your future.

We clean up your credit report history and increase your score (high scores are our specialty).