Fifty-Three Degrees & Raining

This is where I tell you all about my website, how it came about, where it's hosted, what the name means, and how much I love it, let me count the ways.

My webhost is 1&1 Internet Inc. For $30 every six months, they offer 1GB of storage space and 25GB of data transfer per month. Yeah, that should do. I bought for a few reasons. I wanted someplace to collect all my websites and design ideas. I wanted someplace to host files. I wanted a custom email address. And you have to admit, there's a certain cachet involved with owning your own domain. I wanted that. is in strict compliance with XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 standards. I like my tags to be capitalized, but I bit the bullet and went for full XHTML validation. If you're viewing this site with Internet Explorer, then hahahahahaha! Use Firefox.

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You've got your basic running results and your obligatory link to the next race: the Dexter–Ann Arbor Run. Not good enough? Check out some other New York City races, or maybe find something in Michigan.


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